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  Important Issues for Bible Believing Christians Today
Soularize -Wild Geese Migrate West And To The Far Left – Homo-emergent teaching!? A glimpse at the homosexual agenda coming to the church! 
Christian-Yoga Studio Owner Claims No Compromise of Faith? - Owner states, "...we practice a hatha-based yoga."
Elevation ‘Video’ Church – A Visit to the Early Service at Matthews, NC - September 11, 2011 Pastor Steve Furtick and their not so "audacious faith" just another popular flash in the pan  with a mix of rock-n-roll, hip-hop and gimmicks?
Book Review of The Shack - A dangerous self-published book by William P. Young which has become a best seller - Popularized and endorsed by numerous liberal, new age, and emergent church leaders! Including endorsements or praise by Christianity Today, The Gaithers, Mark Lowry, Michael W. Smith, Eugene Peterson and more! This review exposes numerous Satanic lies rolled into what many consider a "Christian" Novel.
“The Left Behind Series” – Book  Review - Will you be left behind? Following this book series, the majority of professing Christianity is left behind!
The Passion of the Christ - Movie Reviews Why True Christians Should Avoid the "Roman Catholic" Evangelical Film "The Passion of Christ" The script is based on the four gospels AND The Mystical City of God by Mary of Agreda,  AND a book of visions by Ann Catherine Emmerich -- "passion mystic" Catholic nuns!

WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do?) - The Popular Fad Examined to the Light of Scriptures

Cults to beware of and those with "Cult like" behavior! - -With a number of links to other helpful pages
A Critique of Dr. Lawrence Crabb's Book "Inside Out" - Demonstrates Crabb's "Freudian" tendencies and unscriptural counsel
Morality Issues
Holy Matrimony or Bust!?  - Homosexuals and other deviants are moving to change laws to force acceptance of their unhealthy lifestyles! This is a frightening glimpse of what so-called same sex marriage mean for the not so distant future!!! Article published in the Rapid City Journal  June 19th, 2004 under title "Majority must speak out"
Stand Up For Morality!  - A 2001 Article on the subject that is still relevant! Article Published in Our Local Newspaper opposing the idea of homosexual marriages
HATE CRIMES AND THE LAW - Must we have new hate crime laws?
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