A Bittersweet Revival

By Kathy Beardsley

A false revival based on emotion

Is sweeping the men of our nation

Into a deceptive compulsion.

To accept the lies taught to them;

To overlook their sinful nature

And the source from which they stem.

All truth is not God's truth because of its source.

For there are many false teachers claiming

That they are your only recourse.

The truth of the matter is 'hope abounds'.

Not by words or works of men

But by standing on solid ground.

A solid foundation is already in place;

God's word and God's son,

Given to us through grace.

Jesus said, "I will that no one perish."

But because their hearts are hard

They will lose what they cherish.

Life on earth is but a second in time.

Live it, winning souls for Jesus;

Armed with His truth, not yours and mine.

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