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Bondage Breaker, The  
(Neil Anderson) (10/92)
The Passion of the Christ  (3/05)  
Can You Trust Your Doctor?  
(Ankerberg & Weldon) (6/91)
Atlantis: The Lost Empire  (2/04) 
Celebration of Discipline 
(Richard Foster) (3/05)
Casper  (2/04) 
(Don Matzat) (2/02)
The Chronicles of Narnia (12/05)
Creative Counterpart  
(Linda Dillow) (8/90)
Contact  (2/04)
Da Vinci Code, The
(Dan Brown) (12/06)    
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2/04) 
Every Man's Battle  
(Arterburn & Stoeker) (10/03) 
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2/04) 
Experiencing God  
(Henry Blackaby) (4/99)
Hercules (2/04) 
Flames of Freedom  
(Erwin Lutzer) (4/92)
Left Behind -- The Movie  (3/04) 
Fresh Encounter  
(Henry Blackaby) (3/00) 
The Lion King (2/04) 
Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire  
(Jim Cymbala) (2/04) 
The Lord of the Rings (2/04) 
Hearing God's Voice
(Henry & Richard Blackaby) (12/06)   
Maltilda (2/04) 
Hell's Best Kept Secret
(Ray Comfort) (12/06)    
Matrix (2/04) 
Hour That Changes The World, The
(Dick Eastman) ( 8/92)
Pocahontas (2/04) 
How To Handle Adversity  
(Charles Stanley) (6/91)
Pokeman (2/04) 
I Just Saw JESUS  
(Paul Eshleman) (12/97)
The Prince of Egypt (2/04) 
In The Face of God  
(Michael Horton) (2/02)
Shrek (2/04) 
Intended For Pleasure  
(Ed Wheat) (9/99)
Spider-Man (2/04) 
Introduction to Biblical Counseling  
(John MacArthur) (11/94)
Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith (1/06)
Jesus Manifesto, The - The Way of The Organic Church: Part 2  (3/11)  Tarzan (2/04) 
Left Behind Series, The  
(Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins) (1/05) 
Life Application Bible  
(Zondervan/Tyndale) (2/92)
Life-Style Evangelism  
(Joseph Aldrich) (9/99)
Like Lambs to the Slaughter  
(Johanna Michaelsen) (2/92)
Lord, Heal My Hurts  
(Kay Arthur) (8/01)
Lordship Salvation -- Two Views
(John MacArthur v. Charles Ryrie) (1/97)
Love Is A Choice  
(Minirth & Meier) (1/97)
(Ed Wheat) (9/99)
Marriage: The Divine Intimacy  
(Jack Schaap) (12/08)
Masculine Journey, The  
(Robert Hicks) (8/97)
Message, The  
(Eugene Peterson) (3/95)
Mount Up On Wounded Wings  
(Beneth Peters Jones) (4/97)
New Kind of Christian, A
(Brian McLaren) (12/06)    
Our Sufficiency in Christ
(John MacArthur) (12/97)
Power of Crying Out, The  
(Bill Gothard) (1/04) 
Power Religion  
(Michael Horton, ed.) (9/92)
Prayer of Jabez, The  
(Bruce Wilkinson) (3/03)
Purpose Driven Church, The  
(Rick Warren) (4/99)
Purpose Driven Life, The  
(Rick Warren) (11/03)  
Ragamuffin Gospel, The  
(Brennan Manning) (10/03)  
(Pat Williams) (3/96)

Renovaré Spiritual Formation Bible, The 
(Richard Foster) (8/05) 

Road Less Traveled, The  
(M. Scott Peck) (2/03)
Secret Message of Jesus, The
(Brian McLaren) (12/06)    
Serenity: Companion for 12-Step Rcvy  
(Hemfelt/Fowler) (2/93)
Shack, The  
(William P. Young) (2/09)
This Present Darkness  
(Frank Peretti) (6/95)
What Love Is This? 
(Dave Hunt) (12/06)  
Why Christians Can't Trust Psychology  
(Ed Bulkley) (6/95)
Wild at Heart  
(John Eldredge) (10/03)  




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