I Don't Wanna' Hear It*

We regularly receive letters expressing disapproval of our exposing ungodliness in the Church. We're accused of sowing discord among brethren, of being unloving -- even hateful -- and are exhorted to concentrate on positive issues that help build self-esteem. Evidently it disturbs many Christians to think that evil is in their midst. But evil is in our midst. And there are plenty of books and periodicals already available for those who desire to have their consciences massaged and their self-esteem enlarged.

Most Christians are disposed to point to the evil in the world, but it disturbs them to face the evil in their very midst within the Church. It horrifies them to think that their pastor or favorite media preacher is advocating doctrines of demons. So like the proverbial ostrich they stick their heads in the sand and ask only to be comforted in their delusion.

Peruse the shelves of any Christian bookstore and you'll find that 98% of the books are inspirational, educational or technical (Bible-study aids, etc.), instructional on living (how to pray, how to raise one's family, etc.), and downright heretical (sufficiently aberrant in doctrinal positions to render them dangerous to the reader's faith). You could carry in one arm those that expose the unfruitful works of darkness within the Church. Most written in that vein are banned from display and are available only upon request -- if at all.

Listen to the sermons that proliferate in most churches and in the "Christian" media and you'll quickly see that the vast majority fall within the above categories.

Satan isn't concerned if we Christians feel good about ourselves in our moral lifestyle and church attendance, comparing ourselves with the lost. Nor is he so concerned that we spend hours pouring over the Scriptures as long as we receive our understanding from teachers who do his bidding, whether knowingly or unknowingly. But dare to expose his work in the bastions of the faith -- the hallowed halls of churches, seminaries, and "Christian" radio and television studios -- and the fury of his wrath will be expressed through weak-willed Christians echoing his euphemisms designed to shut down opposition: "Judge not!" and "Touch not God's anointed!"

If there is a need for prayer today it is that God will raise up godly men and women of faith who will stand firm in the face of deception and be willing to suffer the consequences of following Christ.

We all rejoice in the knowledge that one day He will return. But I wonder if we all rejoice in that day when our works are judged.

* Adapted and/or excerpted from Media Spotlight, Vol. 10 - No. 3

Biblical Discernment Ministries - Revised 1/99