Doctrinal Errors/Heresies of

Dr. Jack Hyles*

-  Since the rumors first started circulating around First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana (FBCH) [concerning Hyles' immorality], one long-time member estimated that "perhaps forty percent" of Jack Hyles' teachings have been in defense of himself, seeking to squelch the scandal. Some of the things in this sordid story that distress us [Robert Sumner of The Biblical Evangelist]:

(1) Hyles adopted what could be considered a Mormon philosophy of celestial marriage to justify his relationship with Jennie Nischik, Vic Nischik's wife.

(2) In 1971, when Jennie first demanded that husband Vic leave, Hyles came to Vic and reportedly asked if, once divorce had been granted, he had permission to marry her.

(3) In 1985, when Vic demanded that Hyles give him his wife back, Hyles reportedly told Vic that he could have Beverly (Mrs. Hyles), with the same relationship Hyles enjoyed with Jennie.

-  Untruthfulness in Hyles' preaching is abundant. His stories are so colorful, so fantastic, so numerous, so uncharacteristic of normal reality, one cannot help but wonder if he did not take smatterings of fact and build them into delightful tales. And Jack Hyles seems to always be the hero in each and every one of them. One man, who earned two degrees at Hyles-Anderson College over an 8-year period, wrote: "... I heard more 'new' truth there than you or God could ever dream of!" Some who have been in the church for years refer to this new truth as "Hylesology!" Note the following:

(a) In Hyles' sermon, "Don't Cut the Grass," he taught that all of us have "wheat and tares" in us, but we should let both grow side by side and not cut anything, lest we cut out the wheat (good) in us by mistake. [This is a typical misuse of Scripture by Hyles; cf. Matt. 13:27ff.]

(b) On numerous occasions, Hyles has taught that there are two gifts of life in salvation, one is eternal life and the other is everlasting life. The distinction being that one in qualitative and the other quantitative. A 4/28/85 sermon, "The Gifts of God Are Everlasting Life & Eternal Life," started by misquoting Romans 6:23 as "the gifts of God" (plural) instead of "the gift of God" (singular):

"When a person receives Christ as his Savior ... God gives him immediately -- and he is an immediate possessor of -- everlasting life. Though he has a gift of everlasting life, he does not necessarily possess eternal life. For everlasting life is a quantity of life and eternal is a quality of life. ... The gift of everlasting life is taken once and for all when you receive Christ as Savior, and the gift of eternal life is made available. ... Eternal life is a gift, but is only made available at the acceptance of everlasting life. ... Eternal life is a life that must be received every day. Every time you get out of bed at the sunrise in the morning, God looks at you and says, 'I have another gift for you today. I have the gift of eternal life. You can accept that gift and life in eternity, or you can refuse that gift and live like the base animals of the world live.'"

Hyles also said there were hundreds of members of the FBCH who "have everlasting life, but you are not a possessor this morning of eternal life. You are living like the animals of the field live." [This heresy has reportedly wrought havoc among the church membership, i.e., people concluding they are only half saved and able to live like the devil.]

(c) Hyles teaches that one should store up merits (works) to offset times of demerits (sins). If you have enough in reserve, God will forgive your sin and put you back in business. It is "second cousin" teaching to the old Roman Catholic doctrine of indulgences.

(d) In a 12/26/82 sermon, "I Am Only Human," Hyles argued that "God can be maneuvered," saying, "The Old Testament saints knew God so well they maneuvered with God. They all started off, 'Thou, the great God of Jacob, Thou the God of the creation, Thou the God that made the stars.'" [Hyles has also preached on the subject, "How to Make God Your Slave"!]

(e) Hyles claims to go once a week to the mausoleum where his mother's remains are interred and there he prays to her. In his prayer meeting talk on 12/3/87, he noted that his mother is not dead, just moved beyond his senses: "Hence, I go to the cemetery and visit with her and speak to her. She can hear me, but I cannot hear her." Hyles has pictures in his study of John R. Rice, Lester Roloff, his mother, and Lee Robertson. Before he leaves town on a speaking engagement, he says he follows this ritual: he stops before the picture of Rice and Roloff, promising them he will do his best; then he stops before the picture of his mother and asks her to intercede for him to do a good job while he is preaching. [Let the Catholics pray to Mary, Hyles prays to his mother! As one of his members wrote, complaining about "the deification and adoration" of Mother Hyles: "We have heard on many occasions how God used her to bring the latest savior (Jack Hyles) into the world. His attachment to his late mother borders on the bizarre. We in Hammond have our own Holy Mother of Hyles."]

(f) Not only does Hyles pray to the dead, he apparently prays for the dead. In a sermon on 2/7/88, "Full Reward," he said one of the reasons he was so driven in his ministry was that he hoped his efforts would lessen his father's suffering in hell. [That is full-blown Roman Catholicism, on two counts: first, in the matter of praying to the dead, and second, thinking something he could do would ease his lost father's suffering in hell.]

(g) According to Hyles, God made man body, soul, and spirit, but when man fell, he lost his spirit and became only body and soul -- on the same level as an animal. He said that when man falls, he is no longer human, but becomes an animal, arguing, "Man in his unregenerate state is not human." [Putting man on the animal level is what evolutionists do, not Bible-believing Christians.]

(h) Hyles says sin does not need to be repented of, only forgotten; "We don't even have a right to remember our sins." [Hebrews 10:17 is his proof text; see Pentecost vs. Hylescost for a more recent update of Hyles' denial of the need for repentance in salvation.]

(i) A former Hyles-Anderson College faculty member made a thorough study on sexual messages in Hyles' preaching. One discovery related to the street language of prostitutes used in many of his sermons. One female faculty member reportedly got up and walked out of a chapel service in disgust when Hyles was graphically going through every part of a woman's anatomy.

(j) In his 12/20/87 sermon, "The Good Man Versus the Spiritual Man," Hyles said that the difference between someone who has committed adultery and one who has not is that the latter has the sin of adultery "in remission." Hyles also says that adultery is not a sin, just a "mistake."

(k) Regarding the New Year's Eve Watch Night service on 12/31/87, Hyles told his people in advance that the meeting would be sacrilegious, warning them not to come if they wanted a spiritual time.

(l) In a sermon on the text in 2 Corinthians 12:13-15, Hyles made the statement: "All men are mental homosexuals."

(m) There have been a number of male students at Hyles-Anderson College who had divorced their wives, or had been divorced by them because of what they had done. After being at Hyles-Anderson a while, some of the divorced men reportedly went to Dr. Hyles to ask if they could remarry. No one ever claimed to have been refused. [Reported by a former faculty member.]

(n) Hyles has totally reversed his posture on Bible translations and now endorses the Peter Ruckman position on the King James Bible. Not only does Hyles now say the KJV is the only "inspired translation," he claims that if your "personal worker" used any other English translation, you are not saved. [See General Teachings report for details.]

(o) Hyles expects absolute loyalty from all who are associated with him. In a 3/5/89 sermon, Hyles told his congregation that if he were to tell each one of the men sitting on the platform to go jump off a bridge and commit suicide for him, he had no doubt but what each one would do it, they were so submitted to him. Not a word did he say about suicide being wrong, or that such loyalty/submission is totally unbiblical. [Rather than "loyalty," it should more aptly be defined as "cultic." Such blind obedience is the kind of mind control the cults have over their followers.]

(p) On 5/26/85, Hyles preached on "Thank you, Adam," actually thanking Adam and Eve for disobeying God and bringing sin into the world. He said such things as, "Thank God for the chains of sin," and, "If nobody ever got drunk, I wouldn't enjoy preaching." [Perhaps that is one reason why sin is treated so lightly at First Baptist -- no one is ever faced openly with his sin.]

(q) In a 2/22/87 sermon, "Just What is Sin Anyway?," Hyles said that if you drank milk and did not do it in faith, it was sin -- hence, not drinking milk in faith would be as bad as committing murder and adultery! Referring to the "works of the flesh" in Galatians 5, Hyles said it was not "totally true" that they were sins -- and that God didn't call them sin, adding these works of the flesh were never called sin in the Bible.

(r) In another sermon minimizing sin (4/22/84), "No One Practices What He Preaches," Hyles emphasized a favorite theme: no one has a right to judge another about anything! In this sermon, Hyles offered his hearers this gem: "The way to success is to keep on failing!"

(s) One man took notes on Hyles' sermons for some time. At the bottom of the page, after the sermons, this item appeared repeatedly: "Observation: after the initial Scripture reading ... the Bible was not referenced at all." Another member of First Baptist, who with her husband had served as leaders in the church for about 20 years, said Hyles very frequently says, "Close your Bibles; just listen to me." [For some reason, the Bible is not a very popular book in Hammond. One man reportedly showed up at a deacon's meeting with his Bible and the others laughed at him, one of them saying, "What are you going to do, preach to us?"]

* Adapted in part from the 5/1/89 The Biblical Evangelist. See The Biblical Evangelist web site for the totality of the Hyles articles/rebuttals.

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