Dr. Jack Hyles

Sin in the Camp of Fundamentalists

The following action was taken by the Indianapolis Baptist Temple (Greg Dixon, pastor):

We are not trying to interfere with another local church. We are doing only what we can do biblically to disassociate with apostasy. We asked a council of pastors (Proverbs 11:14) to gather in our church auditorium January 27, 1992, to hear and view evidence along with several members of our church [concerning Dr. Jack Hyles]. We gave Dr. Hyles an opportunity to come and defend the charges made against him, [but] we never heard from him. After prayerful deliberation, this council unanimously recommended to our church that the following statement be considered:

(a) The Indianapolis Baptist Temple as of Feb. 12, 1992, withdraws fellowship with the First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN, and Hyles-Anderson College, as long as Dr. Jack Hyles is pastor of the church, Chancellor (or other official position) with the college.

(b) Dr. Hyles has enlarged the issue by making himself a litmus test for Fundamentalists and also because of the international scope of his ministry ... other churches [25] have taken similar action.

(c) We take the admonition of I Tim 5:1,19 very seriously, but Dr. Hyles was confronted twice in Deacon's Meetings at First Baptist Church with no success, and on several occasions good men of God in the spirit of Matthew 18:15-19 have tried to meet with him privately and publicly to no avail; but rather their acts of love were met with rebuff.

Statement by the Indianapolis Baptist Temple on Breaking Fellowship With First Baptist Church, Hammond, Indiana; Hyles-Anderson College -- (Unanimous Action of the Church on February 12, 1992 -- this is a partial statement only; the entire statement is reprinted in the 7/20/92, Christian News, p. 14.):

1) Dr. Hyles destroyed a man's [Victor Nischik's] family, alienated the affection of his wife from him and his children. Even though he [Hyles] knew of this estranged relationship, he continued to employ her and have close, private, and intimate contact with her in their offices behind closed and locked doors for long periods of time. He also took her on long automobile rides and trips for hours, including resort hotels with neither of their spouses present. He refused to stop seeing the man's wife under these circumstances even after being confronted many times by her husband. Dr. Hyles' conduct is a clear violation of several Scriptures ... (Rom. 14:16; I Cor. 8:13; I Thes. 5:22).

2) Dr. Hyles lied to the preachers of America when he wrote in letters dated June 7, 1990, and August 3, 1990, that he had no evidence whatsoever that his son [David] was having moral problems before he left First Baptist Church. The fact is he had been told by many witnesses again and again that his son was a fornicator and later an adulterer (I Sam. 2:12-36; 4:1-22; Deut. 19:15- 19). He further refused to exercise church discipline on his son when he [the son] and his second wife returned to the First Baptist Church of Hammond although it had been known that David was continuing to have affairs with women. It was also known that his wife posed for a pornographic magazine in a most lewd manner. In this magazine she was featured in an advertisement for group sex.

3) Dr. Hyles lied to the preachers in his letter of August 3, 1989, saying in point number 11: "I did not recommend my son David to the Miller Road Baptist Church of Garland, Texas. They contacted him apart from my knowledge and never sought my recommendation." Jack Hyles actually recommended David to the pulpit of Miller Road in several personal phone calls with deacons. [Hyles once called David Hyles "the most brilliant, spiritual man I have ever met."] By recommending David, he deliberately turned a sex maniac loose on the unsuspecting congregation. This resulted in the near destruction of the church when David became involved with at least nineteen different women in the church. Dr. Hyles then added insult to injury when he instructed David not to confess his sin before the church when he was willing to do so.

4) Dr. Hyles deceived preachers when he implied that there was no door between his and Mrs. Nischik's offices. ... In reality, there had been a door between their offices from the time he became pastor until it was shut after the Sumner article was published [5/1/89, Biblical Evangelist].

5) Dr. Hyles lied several times about his involvement with this woman [Jenny Nischik] in dispositions taken in early 1986. Under oath he admitted that he gave her from Church and personal funds more than $100,000 over a 20-year period. This was in addition to her salary.

6) Dr. Hyles has taught false doctrine. He has proclaimed the heresy of the eternal humanity of Christ in sermons preached from 1982 to 1988. In 1982, Dr. Hyles stated, "Jesus did not become human in Bethlehem; He became flesh in Bethlehem." In sermons delivered from 1986 to 1988, Hyles preached, "He didn't learn how to become a man when He came to Bethlehem. He already was one." "Jesus says, 'Father, you have never been human. I have always been human.'" (1986) "Jesus is man. He always was man." (1987) "Jesus was always man or human ...; Jesus did not become man in Bethlehem; He became flesh." (1988) To our knowledge, these statements never have been publicly retracted.

7) Dr. Hyles is dividing Fundamentalism by making himself the litmus test of Fundamentalism. For example, if one does not attend [Hyles' annual] Pastors' School, or if one does not support him 100%, he is not to be considered a Fundamentalist. Recently, he has declared in sermons that if a person does not support him, that person is not in "the Faith" (Prov. 6:16,19).

8) Dr. Hyles has had numerous opportunities to clear his name of all charges. He has repeatedly refused to meet with good men to discuss these issues; or to meet face to face those who have accused him.

9) Dr. Hyles appears to be trying to hide his outlandish sin and heresy behind the "success syndrome," namely, big crowds, big enrollment, big conferences, and big offerings.

In conclusion, Dr. Hyles' greatest sin, in our opinion, is the sin of pride. In his June 7, 1990, letter to the pastors he wrote, "I said to my people recently that God never asks us to understand Him. It is impossible for us to understand God, so He does not require us to do so. We have never been God, so we cannot understand God. Because of this, all God asks of us is our faith, our trust, our confidence. You cannot understand me. No one in the history of America has ever stood in my shoes, so I cannot ask you to understand. I can ask you what God asks; I would like to have your trust, your faith, your confidence." [Hyles claims he is being persecuted because of his defense of the King James Version of the Bible and his conservative theology. He told his congregation that he is the purest man they had ever seen.]

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