"I can of my own self do nothing: as I hear I judge: and my judgment is just: because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me." John 5:30

The Church Upon We Rock?

(Following the concepts of today’s "Revival" ) A fictional story using various pieces of things actually taking place in so called "Christian Rock" concerts and in churchs!!! It can be a glimpse into the near future!!!

One day I turned on my TV and I got an invitation to come and hear of a faith that promised to rebuild me inside. These guys looked just like me with their long two tone hair, and earrings! I had really been hurting these past few months since my father died, nothing really made sense and I was tired of the party life. Drugs and alcohol were just making me feel worse, even suicide seemed like a good choice! My rock and roll only deepened my depression. There was no hope in the music or in the words and the beat of the bass just thundered in my head.

I went to a church that Saturday and wow what a church it was! As I approached the door a gentleman said that will be twenty dollars please. I handed him the money and went and found my seat. Much like the rock concerts I attended, the musical stage was elaborate with lots of speakers and lights! I thought, surely this is a new kind of church, they must have what I need.

As the service began, an announcer/comedian came up and told a few corny jokes and then a band came on stage. The lights dimmed and the drummer began the beat --- I found myself asking what’s the difference from the other concerts I would attend? Just like a rock concert the audience rushed forward and pressed against the stage and began to jump with the beat. They would be singing but I could hardly hear the words; occasionally I would hear them say the name of Jesus or just to "shine." The words really didn’t make sense; but Oh well, who cares, they rhymed almost!

I saw a man with a big fat belly
It moved like a bowl of jello
It was hard to understand what he said
Because I had to move to see his head
Jesus Saves is what he ranted in a typical suit and tie
As he stood on a box in the city
Claiming he knows the way

They had an unplugged session where they told me how people stumble and will disappoint me and how there is someone who never will. I could assume they were talking about Jesus but they didn’t say how to know Him.

The next part of the service, much to my surprise, was made up of several entertaining skits about life being a "process" with Jesus at the head. That our problem wasn’t our sin but a low esteem of ourselves and how we should forgive God that we have harbored wrong feelings in our inner child. An announcer spoke of the great revival we are witnessing and how God gave one of their members a vision of tweety bird laying an egg! I laughed thinking this lady has got to be kidding! But she said, "Indeed these are serious times!" And concluded in saying we should be sure to get our "What Would Jesus Do" (WWJD) bracelets before we leave.

The band returned for a second session they said would be worship and what worship it was! As the audience got wild some people started dropping to the floor as if they were dead while others screamed aloud "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!" Another next to me started babbling a repetitive sound and another crowed like a rooster! What is this place I have come into! Not even the rock concerts could compare! These people are either mad or have a few screws loose! The wild music then switched to bizarre as a music video started behind them and the audience of those still standing were mesmerized by the music and the lights.

Before it was all over, just like the concerts I’m used to attending, the band would rev our emotions up on high and got a good mosh pit going! There I was up by the front, and whoa! Look at this girl being body surfed across the crowd and they’re rolling her all around! Even the band joined in the fray, stage diving into the crowd… was that someone on a stretcher being taken out?!

Before they stopped I moved back to my seat – everyone was oblivious to me, a lost soul! I watched and listened intently when the band members and announcers had spoken, but I was agonizing inside still. Who is Jesus? What did he do? How can I know Him and learn of His truth?

All they told me was to ask someone around me as they were heading out, but how do I talk to a stranger to find the answers. Isn’t that what the people conducting the service are there for? As I left the auditorium I saw people crowded around tables buying and selling – maybe there I can learn more; I thought! I pressed my way through only to be disappointed at all I saw; trinkets, coins and signed posters by the band! Nothing to tell me more about the Jesus they said they were singing about!

As I left the church I wondered why I had bothered. They are just like the rest of us living as if life is just one big party! So back to my friends I went, at least I can talk to them, even if they don’t know who Jesus is. Maybe He’s not that important after all!

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