Some of Kathy's Poems

Signs of the Times

What are "signs of the times?"

What does that phrase refer to?

Much more than you realize.

Let me explain it to you.

In the Bible there’s a period of time

Before Jesus comes to take us home;

When worldly influence will gain ground,

And Christians will allow it to come.

"Signs of the times" are more than nature.

They are, sin and corruption running wild,

Biblical principals taken lightly,

And Christian values being defiled.

Unwillingness to grow and mature

For fear you’ll be made fun of,

Greatly saddens our Lord on high

Because He’s our strength and love.

We’re here for His soul winning purpose.

Put your eyes back on the Lord.

Keep your feet on the straight and narrow.

It’s not a price you can’t afford.

Make Your Choice

Time grows short, there’s so much to do,

The people won’t listen, what can we do?
The world around us is caving in,

With very few paying attention.
The real problems of this world?

Spiritual warfare upon us hurled.

The Bible’s unfolding right before our eyes

Yet so many refuse to see their demise.

What will it take for people to see,

Jesus; He’s the only way to be free.

Sin and corruption wherever we go

But the Son shines through, I know!

The choice is yours, please make it now,

A regrettable decision, or a heavenly vow.

Choose Satan and burn for making the wrong choice.

Choose God the Father and you’ll hear His voice

Saying, "I’m so happy you chose to be

Part of my heavenly family."

Where Do You Stand?

If I could describe the pain in my heart,

It would be as if it were torn apart.

I can’t believe what I just heard tonight;

Our church wants us out of their sight.

All because we stood on firm ground

And turned away from doctrine unsound.

Study God’s word; that’s all I ask.

Stop relying on someone else for that task.

God just wants us to focus on Him,

Not our past, present, or future sin.

God will give us interpretation,

As we mature in consideration

To His word; obeying His commands,

Giving up our selfish demands.

No matter what the popular vote,

I won’t join the world to promote

False doctrine and heresy.

I won’t become like a Pharisee.

With God’s word as my foundation

I’ll stand firm in my generation.

And in Jesus’ holy name,

I’ll teach my kids to do the same.


I felt the pain of a broken heart

When a loved one said "from the start

I’ve not believed nor will I ever,

I won’t take part of this foolish endeavor."

Misconceptions of truth and love

Blinds the world to the Father above.

Within callused hearts it will spread,

Allowing sin and deception to be fed.

It’s increasingly harder every day

To keep from screaming "listen or pay."

Lord, give us strength in these troubled times

To do your will for the good of mankind.

Lord, you know the burdens we bear,

Our hearts are heavy because we care.

Help us to be examples, to share

The love of Jesus, your beloved heir.

Life's Expectations

When problems don’t work out

And seem to only get worse,

Take a moment to think about

Who you are putting first.

When life promises to produce

Everything you strive for,

Don’t let yourself be seduced

By worldly pressure for more.

You can expect life to be hard,

But your decisions will surely tell,

Whether or not you’ve been scarred

By the world’s enticing spell.

Life holds no guarantees,

On that you can be sure of.

But the Lord provides your necessities,

As well as His guidance and love.

Be content with His security

Especially when riches are few,

You can’t get a better guarantee

Than the one He holds for you.

Peace of Mind

What gives you peace of mind?

What puts your soul at ease?

Is comfort hard to find

In your difficulties?

When answers you are seeking

Seem kind of scarce,

Don’t fool yourself in thinking

That nobody cares.

You can find all the peace

Your heart ever desired.

From Jesus, who guarantees

His love never expires.

Jesus says: "Seek and you shall find,

Ask and it will be given."

If you’ll only take the time

Your sins will be forgiven.

Once you’ve chosen to believe

That Jesus died for you,

New life in Christ is received,

And your peace of mind too!

Harvest of Souls

This is not a story nor is it a dream.

It’s not science fiction for it is clearly seen

In the book of Revelation, a book of prophesies,

That life as we know it will some day cease.

The season is here, the day is close

But the hour of harvest no one knows.

Jesus will reap what he sows.

There’s going to be a harvest of souls.

Read John 3:16 and Ephesians 2:8,9;

Believe God’s word and you will find

When Christ takes his children home,

You will see that majestic throne.

If you wait much longer it may be too late.

The direction you choose will determine your fate.

A wrong decision would truly be sad,

After thinking what you might have had.

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