Holy Matrimony or Bust!?

Published June 19th 2004
In the Rapid City Journal, Rapid City South Dakota under the title
 "Majority must speak out"

Article by: John Beardsley e-mail: jb_bdm@yahoo.com
(As Submitted to the Rapid City Journal)
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Marriage by definition is, �the legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife.� Now a few judges in the state of Massachusetts have reinvented it, all part of a cleverly devised scheme by activist homosexuals and the like.

The decision of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) deleting homosexuality from their list of sexual disorders in 1973 was not a scientific decision but response to a political campaign that society discriminates against homosexuality. Now homosexuals have attempted somewhat successfully making their �behavior� a matter of civil rights based on research that gives no supporting evidence to their claim. Homosexuals are identified by the �behaviors� they commit; there is no comparison with race or sex to qualify homosexuals as a protected class of citizens! 

If we allow homosexual marriages what behavior will be normalized next? Answer: May 19, 2003, the APA met in San Francisco to debate the removal of such sexual deviations as pedophilia, sado-masochism, transvestism, transsexualism, and even bestiality from the DSM-IV-TR! -- The Bible of mental health disorders!?

Homosexuals and other deviants are moving to change laws to force acceptance of their unhealthy lifestyles! This is in spite of numerous inherent health risks associated with their behavior, shorter life-spans, increased mental health issues and more! The laws against such behavior are to protect citizens from harm and based on Biblical morality! We are deluding ourselves not to recognize that diseases like AIDS are still primarily homosexual and recently cases of syphilis have disproportionately increased in their population!

Redefining marriage means redefining the family, more confusion for our children, and worse tolerance for a licentious & promiscuous lifestyle! Looking at so-called �Gay Pride� parades, �Gay Days� at many family theme parks you get a glimpse of what acceptance means: public nudity (people wearing thongs, just body paint or less), topless woman, people simulating anal sex, transvestites decked out in lewd and disgusting of costumes, masochists in leather outfits and more! Need proof? A 2004 Gay Day promotion on Father�s Day at Disney World, �Eroticism! See the human body manipulated and displayed in ways you would never dream possible. This is more than theater. This is total sensory overload.� More proof, other Gay Days at Disney (captured on video), open drug use, homosexual acts, nudity, fondling, Disney cast on stage performing homosexual positions plus testimony from families that witnessed pornographic movies being shown on a Disney bus. This sort of thing has been going on with Disney since 1991!

So where is the outrage!? Janet Jackson bares a breast on TV while feigning sex and people get angry! What makes the homosexual movement different? Are we becoming numb from the pro-homosexual TV shows --and that makes it ok now? Are we getting our morals from anti-Christian Hollywood?

Hollywood, coupled with homosexuals use big money to further their agenda and unless we fight back will bully the rest of us into acceptance! Homosexual activists say they are going to silence their opposition! Now the so-called oppressed �victims� are becoming the oppressors! They will strip away our religious freedoms, outlaw the Bible as a hate book (like Canada has now), penalize those opposing their views (even when quoting the Bible properly) and possibly even jailing us! 

Think of your children and their future you are �destroying� by cowering to these bullies! One major homosexual activist admittedly uses Hitler's propaganda and Nazi Brown Shirt strategies to terrorize opponents! Homosexual advocates regularly label decent moral people as bigots, homophobes, accusing us of �bashing� in spite of overwhelming evidence showing they are the bigots! Is it irrational fear (phobia), or prejudice to stand against what you know is wrong and immoral!? 

�The shock of these startling attempts to change marriage by judicial edict is all the more troubling because they skirt the democratic process. This shreds the rule of law, excludes the people from this fundamental debate and decision, and emboldens local officials to determine for themselves which laws they will and will not enforce� (Jay Sekulow, ACLJ).

"The sacred institution of marriage should not be redefined by a few activist judges" (President Bush).

The majority must speak out, our silence assures the lies will be believed and OUR rights taken away!

Some of the Sources:

The APA quote:

Quotes of homosexual activists saying they are going to silence opposition (Me in this case) This link is no longer active:
Where Rapid City Councilman Tom Murphy stated: �He said he made his decision after someone expressed hatred of gays in a letter to the editor. "I said it's time for me to make him quiet, just put him to rest and let him know I'm around and where I stand," he said.�
--- and:
�The head of a national homosexual organization is vowing to politically "punish," "terrify" and "torture" activists who oppose his organization's agenda on "gay" rights � which he says would give him "endless satisfaction." --- Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force in Washington, D.C., made the comments in yesterday's edition of Between the Lines, a Detroit area homosexual newsmagazine

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