No Matter Who You Are!

By John Beardsley - August 15th, 1993

No matter who you are, No matter your personality trait,

No matter what hormone may seem to control you...

God' Spirit transcends your being!

God is not in a box,

He is not limited to our finite understanding of what we think we are!

He is not bound to the world we live in, or the timeline we walk!

He is Infinitely Powerful, Omnipotent and Everpresent The One Eternal God He IS!

No matter what you think you are, Jesus hold's the keys of your heart.

He can make you a new creation and take away negative personality traits,

or hormones which seem to drive you.

Psychology doesn't have a clue! Do blind lead the blind?

Or do they walk into a snare? ---A challenge to the Christian, No matter who you are,

"Does Sigmund Freud the father of Psychology have any voice in you?"

--- What does one who dwells in the light have to do with Freud who gropes in the darkness?

--- What new truths do you expect to uncover?

No matter who you are,

What do the Four Personality traits truly reveal?

How does an animal teach what you are?

Did you know these are the roots of Astrology?

Who has deceived you and dragged you away?

Do you have a ring in your nose that compels you?

Who says a hormone decided this is the way you are?

Who or What gives you an excuse to sin!?

Who accuses the brethren before the Father?

Why do you just give the Devil a cause!?

--- Why do we bring reproach upon the True Gospel?

--- Have we forgotten He will judge His own first?

Is all well with you now?

Is your heart troubled by a myriad of trials?

Stop where you are and turnaround, STOP!

before you're lost in a flood of worries,

He doesn't want you to hurt, Come Back, Come Back to His Truth!

Son or Daughter, His arms await you!

Now you are reaping the judgment you have sown,

His anger is coming upon you, more than the world around you!

We're finite creatures with an eternal spirit,

given to sin--- but fortunate to serve a gracious Lord and God!!!

Seek His forgiveness, No Matter Who You Are,

No Matter Your Personality Trait or Hormone!

He is the God who defies our comprehension,

Transcends and sees our very soul and spirit,

Boundless in Love,

All knowing and yet still Forgiving.

He is the Light of the World and The Author of All Truth!

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