In Typical Christian Na’vi Blue - The message comes forth!
"Epic Jesus: The Christ You Never Knew" – by Frank Viola 9/4/11
As reviewed by John Beardsley 9/7/11 

Frank Viola gives a presentation like no other I have ever heard from the Jacksonville, Fl “Momentum Basics and Beyond” National House Church Conference this past September 2-4, 2011 with “Daily Keynote Sessions from house church pioneers Neil Cole, Frank Viola, and Wolfgang Simson will provid[ing] the latest information on the organic church movement.” (Momentum website media page)

 Little did I suspect I would be swept away on a trip to a garden and a “very special tree” called the tree of life,  “…and that tree is pulsating and beating with a certain kind of life, it is the life of God Himself” where he invited all humans to partake. But I will let Frank Viola tell it with his own incomparable words:

 “And God creates a Garden and in the center of the garden He puts a very special tree it’s called The Tree of Life and that tree is pulsating and beating with a certain kind of life, it is the Life of God Himself, and He invites the apex of His creation, human beings to partake of that life but tragedy strikes and the one who created the universe watches it fall and morph into an enemy, even His own enemy.” (Frank Viola)

 Incomparable words I have never heard, much less from the Holy Scripture! The very foundation of the Christian faith is trivialized to mere ‘tragedy’ where mankind falls into sin that leads us all to death, the enemy was not a tree morphed but an adversary named Satan. And what is with the pulsating and beating tree? Sounds somewhat like a scene straight out of the movie Avatar to me! With the previous introduction into fantasy thinking of CS Lewis from Prince Caspian why not think that? So do I mock Frank Viola, or did he mock God trying to woo and impress a crowd?  On so many levels what I heard was disturbing, altering, mind blowing and foreign to anything in scriptures but wait that’s not all he continues,

 “So God’s sets out to restore His good creation and He chooses a man and from that man he chooses a people called by His name and the story Israel is the story of a God who wants to get His creation back but Israel fails and the Lord does the unthinkable. He penetrates a falling universe Himself. Time becomes pregnant in what Kierkegaard called the absolute paradox breaks into the visible universe and the unchanging God becomes fully human and pierces the veil of space time. Jesus is born in a humble village called Bethlehem...” (Frank Viola)

Dominion Restoration theology at its roots! Quasi-Dominion Theologian Frank Viola would have us believe we are to go back to the Garden of Eden for the new Kingdom. Together with other teachings on the tree of life and theology from his book The Jesus Manifesto (together with Leonard Sweet) and Viola’s book such as From Eternity to Here – another Tree of Life, another God, another Jesus start to come into focus. It is a hodge-podge, mumbo-jumbo of a little fantasy, a bit of old liberal theology, a blend of mysticism and some totally wacky ideas born, I guess, in the mind of Frank Viola.

 Jumping to what I have shown previously from The Jesus Manifesto,

On page 130 clarifies “Receiving Christ is simply taking the first bite from the right tree.” Then followed by numerous platitudes about how many churches simply teach to imitate Christ, act like Christ, try to do good as the Gospel, (which even a babe in Christ knows is not the Gospel). The Jesus Manifesto goes on to state what the Gospel is for a person, “Instead, he allows the life of God to flow within and through him. He yields to the instincts, promptings, and energy of that God-life.” The Jesus Manifesto sounds as if it is turning the salvation experience into some sort of mystical experience “…receiving the uncreated life of God into oneself” and “…energy of that God-life” but considering the authors are so steeped in the emergent teachings it is not a surprise to me. Why not stick to scriptures? (Online Source)

But back to this message, you really do get something incomparable, and as epic as that horrid Avatar film that also took a little of this and that culture into a fantasy movie that never should have seen the light of day. This is only a short way into Viola’s message, I heard out the rest of the epic 54 minute message and more thoughts that still make my head reel and any should Bible believing Christian,

 “A matchless throng that no man can number from every tribe, every race, every kindred every tongue and God does something incredible – the throng turns into a whirlwind of glorious light, as glorious as the face of God, and it begins to form, and out of it, out of this whirlwind steps the most glorious woman, beyond the imagination of mortals, the bride makes her entrance, the mystery of the ages the new Eve, and gold is poured into gold and light into light, and the bride of the Lamb becomes the wife of God and the two shall become one. For behold I show you a mystery the woman was taken out of the man and brought to the man and the two become one flesh but I’m not speaking of Adam and Eve, I’m speaking of Christ and the Church. And I just quoted Paul in Ephesians 5.“ (Frank Viola)

 This is what steroids does to eschatology I suppose… this is so far removed from the reality in the Bible I cannot begin to cover it all here.

 Viola is saying plainly the throng (the church) turns into a beautiful woman - the wife of GOD?! This is a blend of a little this, a little of that and a wild imagination reminiscent of those I have shown Dominion Theologian Frank Viola to be associated in my humble opinion at this link: (Birds of the Feather Gathering Together- The Starlings of The Jesus Manifesto) There were many other items in the message that he may have sounded right but if these two excerpts were stated in any Bible believing church would have caused the cry – “that’s a LIE!” And ended the services calling into question the one bringing such a horrific blasphemous message, and to those of you in attendance at the conference someone should have pulled the plug on the PA system. AND where is the HOLY SPIRIT in that Vision?! ABSENT!

 I guess Quasi-Dominion Theologian Frank Viola was a bit too much in the spirit (of some sort) when he ended that quote above saying it was from Ephesians 5. Maybe he started in:

 Revelation 7:9 “After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;” but how he ever got to Ephesians 5 makes as much sense as the vision or whatever it was he presented.

 Tying this altogether from The Way of The Organic Church: Part 2 this message fits hand in glove:

“A search where The Jesus Manifesto writers get this thinking one only needs to look at Frank Viola’s book published a year earlier in 2009 From Eternity to Here regarding the “choice of two trees” and it goes further by teaching:

 “It's worth noting that Paul never speaks of the "body of Christians." He always uses the phrase the "body of Christ." For Paul, the body of Christ is a particular person. It's not a metaphor. Paul never says the church is like His body. No, we are His body. Each member is the physical complement, the extension, of the same person, Jesus Christ. And we happen to be the only body He has” (Frank Viola, From Eternity to Here Page 266).

 If you did not catch what Viola was saying he continues:

“Paul's idea is not that the Head is somehow screwed onto the body. His idea is that Christ embodies the church. The risen Christ is a living, inclusive, "more-than-individual" personality. The church is a corporate entity that is made up of diverse individuals. It is a person, living in and expressing Himself through His many members.

 Put another way, the church is the visible image of the invisible Lord. It is the corporate Christ. It is Christ in collective human expression. To Paul's mind, the church in Corinth was none other than Jesus Christ in the city of Corinth. Paul's apostolic ministry was built upon this very revelation. And it comes screaming through all of his letters, including 1 Corinthians” (Frank Viola, From Eternity to Here Page 267).

--- Note: these quotes from pages 266 and 267 while not identical are nearly the same as The Jesus Manifesto pages 142- 143. (Online Source)

To build on that rather odd theology that physical extension, complement, corporate entity of diverse individuals - is a woman and the wife of God connecting the dots of definitions given in at least two of the other books quoted above. It is utter nonsense to what I read in scriptures!

      Some of what I said may seem harsh and mocking but that is not the intent, the intent is to get your attention to the gravity and seriousness of what was said at this conference and to show how far removed these teachers are behind the Organic Church. Perhaps you do not agree with everything said by me or even Viola but you need to realize the implications are not about me, they are about you and your very soul. God will not be mocked, and His word will not return unto Him void Isa 55:11, in spite of any shortcoming I have and what I show to be false teachings, if even one verse of scripture goes out it has the power to save. Not of me but of the God of the Bible.

 Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God [is] quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and [is] a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

 Isaiah 55:11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper [in the thing] whereto I sent it.

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