WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do?)

- The Popular Fad Examined to the Light of Scriptures

Here are some things to consider with this latest WWJD "What Would Jesus Do" fad:
We are now selling Jesus’ name for profit! Through WWJD Bracelets, Shoestrings, Anklets, Necklaces, License Tags, Pens, Dog Tags, Lapel Pins, Auto Fishes, Bumper Stickers, Crosses, Keychains, Bible covers, golf balls and etc! 

I don't know who started the fad and it doesn't matter. In my example I demonstrate "Carman" is one of it's big pushers! He is making merchandise of the name of our Lord and Saviour!!

2 Peter 2:3
"And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not."

Here is just some of the ridiculous items for sale on the Carman website!
    WWJD Woven Bracelet  $1.50             Assorted colors
    WWJD Neon Shoestring Bracelet  $1.99  Bright Neon with Footprints
    WWJD Pewter Cube Bracelet $3.49        Pewter Cube letters on leather strap
    WWJD Pewter Cube Anklet  $3.49         Pewter Cube letters on leather strap
    WWJD Pewter Cube Necklace  $3.99       Pewter Cube letters on leather strap
    WWJD License Tag  $4.49                Plate for front of vehicle
    WWJD License Tag Frame  $2.95          Frame for front or back plate
    WWJD Blanc-a-like Pen   $5.99          Look-a-like Mont Blanc style pen in gift box
    WWJD Pewter Dog Tag  $2.99             Pewter Dog Tag on chain
    WWJD Pewter Lapel Pin  $1.25           Pewter pin "WWJD
    WWJD Charm Necklace  $2.49             WWJD in single charm style necklace
    WWJD Auto Fish       $3.49             Fish symbol with WWJD inside
    WWJD Bumper Sticker  $1.39             Mutil-color WWJD Bumper sticker
    WWJD Leather Keychain $1.99            Leather Key Tag with WWJD
    WWJD Pewter Keychain  $3.49            Pewter WWJD Key Chain
    WWJD Bible Cover   $13.99              Blue, L
    And several more WWJD covers!

So what would Jesus really do?  Burn this stuff? Put this stuff in the garbage dump? He certainly would NOT be making merchandise of His name as Carman and many of the CCM and C-rock crowd do! (Not to mention the CCMers and C-rockers glorification of themselves through very similiar items documented in our News Boys and DC Talk articles!)

All we have to do is think what Jesus did to the money changers in the temple John 2:14-16.   This was in reference to the temple of God so whether or not you apply it to a church building or the individual the spiritual implications are very clear.  Do we or should we adorn ourselves with things that make merchandise of the name of Jesus? Absolutely not!  All these trinkets serve is mammon and NOT God. It does not necessarily mean a person is saved, it just identifies them with this latest fad. This is only another fad run amuck.  Dare we ask what's next?!  What will be the next fad promoted? Christian tattoos?  Its not beyond Carman to blaspheme as revealed from links to our site! For what its worth Carman and the like need to repent of this sort of manipulation and get to what scriptures teach.

In a message a person who withheld their name speaks very well to the WWJD issue: [Bold Emphasis Mine]

Subject: SEND: Jesus Bracelets
Seeing WWJD bracelets the other day made me ponder why I never liked the idea.  I'd seen the ad in the paper urging kids to consider that and it didn't seem right but I never really pondered why I felt that way. Just down inside the Holy Spirit said no.  Since Saturday I've gathered my thoughts as to what was wrong and want to share them with you.

First thing this bracelet is another notch in the religious unity belt. The ad that I saw said nothing about declaring/examining a teen's doctrine regarding Jesus before you could have the bracelet.  It's very much like Promise Keepers and March for Jesus!  So Catholics can wear the bracelet and Lutherans can wear the bracelet and Methodists can wear the bracelet. Also since they don't identify which Jesus and the bible tells us there is another Jesus anyone can wear the bracelet.  Certainly Mormons believe in Jesus and JW's believe in Jesus.  Also Muslims see Jesus as a great prophet so they could wear the bracelet.  Even new agers see Jesus as an ascended master so it could be appropriate for them to wear the bracelet.  Just one big happy family, huh?

Next the question the bracelet asks a teen is What would Jesus do?  This really sounds like a good question to ask oneself in every situation. However any answer given to that question would have to be an opinion and not fact!  Now every answer/opinion given is going to be based on something but it will remain that, just one's opinion.  If the question were what did Jesus do then the answer could be factual.  I would assume that the teen is to search the scriptures for his answer/opinion; however, it's dangerous to direct one's actions based on one's opinions.  My Bible tells me that all who are the sons of God are led by the spirit of God (and not their opinions.)

It must be really something in the local junior and senior high schools. I bet you a lot of kids wear those WWJD bracelets.  Consider this scenario. This kid goes to high school and hangs around with a bunch of other kids, all Christian.  So one Saturday night when a group of boys and girls are together at the bowling alley one kid suggests an activity that isn't appropriate.  Since they are all Christians and wearing their bracelets another kid says what would Jesus do?  Someone says, Jesus wouldn't do that; he'd go home alone before he did that.  However someone else says, Jesus wouldn't find anything wrong with that; you're unloving and judgmental in your attitude and Jesus wouldn't be like that.  One kid kicks in and acts like a moderator and what do you have?   Well there's a group of diversified people with a social problem dialoging to a resolution.  Aha, the dialectic process!   All because the question only allows an opinion (I think or I feel) and not facts!

Now the poor true child of God in this situation is going to be really torn. Here he is say a junior in high school and for three years he's hung around with this group.  He's seen them at march for Jesus rallies and they've been there in the morning to rally around the flag pole and pray together before school.  What is he to think?  In all his time of association with them they've never discussed what they believe doctrinally only how much they love Jesus!  ... One part of him knows that what's proposed is wrong while another part of him feels that these kids are Christians just like him.  All because the question raised is what would Jesus do.

Now if the question were what does God say (WDGS) [in the Bible] the answer wouldn't allow for opinion and the dialectic process but only fact/truth.  However that probably wouldn't be popular and would be divisive.  Some would chose to act on the word of God but others would chose to be hearers only and not doers of the word, deceiving themselves by reasoning contrary to the truth. This would split the group into sheep and goats.  That doesn't promote the unity the world needs for a one world religion that worships the anti-Christ, the one who stands in the place of Jesus Christ.

It's so human to want to identify with a group of your peers that the church is using that to do a great disservice to our youth.  Instead of teaching them to deny themselves and follow after Jesus they're causing them to be grouped and numbered by an outward bracelet.   My Bible tells me that for the Christian true circumcision is inwardly and a matter of the heart.  What are we telling our teens when we sell them a bracelet to remind them of Jesus? Madison Avenue marketing leads the way.  How like Laodicea we are because we don't recognize how naked, blind and poor we truly are.   May God have mercy on our souls.  It seems apparent why Paul says, awake, for the night is far spent and the day is at hand.  We truly are asleep and sleeping we're like sheep led to the slaughter.

In Conclusion from my Pastor on the WWJD fad:
"You might want to tell the people that it is not "What would Jesus do?" since we cannot read His mind, but rather, "What did Jesus say in His Word?" that is clearly stated for us as a direction to take.  It is still the clearly written Word of God that we must look to.  Fifteen people may have fifteen different ideas about what Jesus would do!!!

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